Why It Sucks To Be the Human Torch

In our world today, ask anyone what impossible wish they want fulfilled and some of them would answer super powers. It makes a lot of sense, though. With amazing abilities, one can just fly over traffic and get home as fast as possible. You can also lift a lot of heavy things when the need arises or read the minds of those closest to you. Having powers is really awesome but sometimes, having them sucks too. Take Johnny Storm, or more popularly known as the Human Torch from Marvel’s Fantastic Four, for example. Sure, having control over fire is amazing but here are some reasons why it can also mean trouble for you.


You Can’t Wear Normal Clothes

First of all, Johnny Storm’s power enables him to fly and project streams of flame in any way he wants. He can also set his whole body on fire without causing him any harm. So, it’s safe to say his body is safe from any form of fire. The question is, are his clothes impervious to flame? Well, the answer is no. Reed Richards, or Mr. Fantastic, has to create customized clothing made of unstable molecules that can withstand Johnny’s powers. This means his entire wardrobe is made from this material and it sure is costly folks. If he does wear normal clothes, which the rest of the human race does, there’s a chance he may flame on accidentally and be naked afterwards.


You Can’t Cool Off

Staying cool may be a problem for the Human Torch. This is because his biology has been altered by cosmic radiation and is made of stuff that can ignite. That means, Johnny may have a hard time feeling cool. If you had his powers, you may need several quality air conditioners to even prevent sweat from pestering you. Heck, you might even transfer your residence to the North Pole so you’d feel more comfortable. Problem is, you’d be all alone there or you might melt the polar ice caps without you noticing it and placing the entire human race in danger.


You’re a Constant Fire Hazard

Since you can generate flame anytime you want, it’s safe to say you are a walking fire hazard by all definitions. Again, you’ll never know when you’re going to lose control with this power. When that happens, anything that can easily spread fire around your will endanger people. These things include, gas tanks, curtains, a cabinet full of liquor, or any fabric for that matter. There are a lot more items that you can’t go near if you have the ability to create fire so you have to be extra cautious. That can be a real bummer, especially if you just want to go to the mall and wind down.

Having powers can be a double-edged sword, especially if your abilities resemble those of the Human Torch. But hey, look at the bright side folks. You get to do a lot of awe-inspiring things if you do have flame powers. That beats sitting in a classroom or behind an office desk all day.


What Happened to Ed Sheeran After His Game of Thrones’ Cameo

Without a doubt, Ed Sheeran is one of the biggest names in the entire planet. You might have heard one of his songs and there’s a big chance it stuck to your head for a pretty long time. Meanwhile, we’re sure you’re not living under a rock these past few days. The first episode of Game of Thrones’ 7th season just aired and it smashed all viewer ratings all over the planet. Around 16 million folks tuned in, one way or another, to see how the war in Westeros is going. Also, in that first episode is a cameo by Sheeran and it’s causing a major storm in Social Media lately.

In the Season 7’s first episode, Arya Stark finds a group of Lannister soldiers who are taking a break on their way to the Riverlands. As she approaches the group, Sheeran can be heard singing this totally rad song to his fellow troops. Arya disembarks from her horse, talks to the soldiers, and joins them for a meal. There was some exchange on where they’re headed and what exactly is Arya doing in a war-ravaged land. The whole time, Sheeran was just sitting beside Arya, grinning and all. After Arya says she’s going to kill the Queen, everyone laughs and the scene ends.

After the Game of Thrones episode was shown, people from all over social media went gaga over Sheeran’s short cameo. The thing is, a huge chunk of those people are holding pitchforks to criticize and condemn Sheeran. Their criticism of Sheeran revolves around the fact that his cameo was a shameless publicity stunt to propel ratings due to little effort to disguise the singer. This is in stark contrast to the cameos of Will Champion, drummer of Coldplay, and Snow Patrol frontman Gary Lightbody where they were heavily disguised.

This week, Sheeran deleted his Twitter account. A normal person might think this development is caused by his cameo but according to the singer himself, he deleted his Twitter account because it was his plan for a long time now. Sheeran added he has been receiving a lot of hate on his Twitter account and it would be best to leave the social media platform. And get this folks. He said this announcement on Instagram, which he has no plans of leaving, while posting a photo of him and his manager. Sheeran also said his cameo in Game of Thrones was awesome and he has no reason to worry about what other people are thinking about him.

People are also wondering if this is the last we’ll see of Sheeran wearing a Lannister Army outfit. It remains to be seen because there have been rumours he’ll appear again in the future. Of course, don’t count on that rumour to come to life because you might be sorely disappointed folks. But the thought of Sheeran getting impaled by a broad sword or burning in Dragon flame is a sight that many people would love to watch.


Why Spiderman: Homecoming is The Best Spiderman Movie Ever

Have you seen Spiderman: Homecoming in a theatre near you? We can imagine that after stepping out of the cinemas, you were struck with so much awe. The web-slinger’s inclusion to the ever-growing Marvel Cinematic Universe provided a much larger environment where the said character can thrive upon. In stark contrast to the Spiderman movies featuring Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, Tom Holland’s first feature film is filled with so much action without sacrificing any ounce of heart. You don’t believe us? Well, here are some of the many reasons why this Spiderman film is the best there ever has been.

To start with, the entire script, execution, and characterization revolve around Peter Parker finding his way as he begins an unconventional career choice. And this isn’t just any ordinary career folks. His is a calling to serve the common good with the use of his amazing powers without sacrificing any moral standard. Now, add the struggle of keeping a secret identity, passing high school, and falling head in love with a girl. An ordinary boy would lose balance and stumble along this path. But not Peter Parker folks and Tom Holland nailed his character very well.

The other great reason to watch Spiderman: Homecoming is Michael Keaton. Although Adrian Toomes doesn’t have a lot of details to his story or a grand plan to his name, Keaton’s performance is grounded well for anyone to relate to. The former Batman actor manages to blend in a perfect mix of humanity, intimidation, and motivation to convince moviegoers his character is justified in his actions. The twist during the movies final act serves as testament to Keaton’s thespic ability to induce fear without going overboard.

And gosh, the action scenes really maximized the abilities of our actors down to their last strand. There were a lot of scenes where Keaton and Holland’s characters fought it out while vehicles are transporting valuable alien wreckage and technological marvels. The last act even had a plane that becomes invisible to move Tony Stark’s technology to a new location. That’s very different from the ordinary moving services you’re used to folks because Iron Man’s stuff can’t be fitted inside a conventional truck, wouldn’t it? Well, the transportation of these items acts as a make or break scene for both Toomes and Spiderman in their personal quest to overcome their respective challenges. And boy, oh boy, the action in these final scenes will hang you to the edge of your seats.

There were other surprises too in this film. One of which is Robert Downey Jr. and his appearance as Tony Stark. As always, Downey’s performance is spot on as he becomes the mentor for Parker. His presence signifies an expansive relationship between Spiderman and a universe filled with so many story-telling possibilities. It can’t get any better than that folks.

Don’t take our word for Spiderman: Homecoming if you haven’t seen it yet. Just prepared to be dazzled by the story, awesome performances by the whole cast, and tight action scenes all throughout the movie. Don’t leave right away too because there are two end-credits that are waiting for you as well. You might also want to read our impression about Game of Thrones, Season 7, Episode 1.


Where Are The Cleveland Cavaliers Going and What Are They Doing This Off Season?

Losing sucks. Just ask the Cleveland Cavaliers during the last season of the National Basketball Association. After a championship series against the Golden State Warriors, the Cavaliers are in a state of limbo no team wants to be in. They have a wide array of talent, starting with Lebron James himself and can go toe to toe with any team in the league. Meanwhile, they’re not bad enough to land assets in the draft nor do they have a lot of cap space to sign major stars without letting some of their players go.

The Current NBA Offseason

The offseason is a good time for every team in the NBA to get the players they want and need. It’s a period when speculations run wild and players are shipped from one organization to another in just a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, the Cleveland Cavaliers are failing in their offseason chores. In comparison to other active teams, they just got Jose Calderon and Jeff Green as their new additions so far. It’s quite safe to safe these two players, along with their current line up, will not be enough to even dent the mighty armour of Golden State. Heck, all they need to do is unleash Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry and Cleveland won’t even stand a chance of winning.

Griffin’s Departure

If you think about it, Cleveland’s lacklustre off-season can be attributed to the firing of its general manager, David Griffin. Griffin, if you can remember, made all the necessary player deals to create a competitive team for James’ return to his hometown and the Cavaliers’ championship runs. Griffin made sure every need was answered so James and the Cavaliers can win their first ever NBA Championship. But alas, with the departure of Griffin, Cleveland is at a loss these recent weeks. While other teams were signing bonafide superstars, Cleveland was left to deal with the scraps. Heck, they were even in the running to land Paul George but the deal evaporated when Griffin was suddenly let go from his own contract.

Due to the uncertainty, Cleveland’s two biggest stars, James and Kyrie Irving, are seething with frustration. No matter how hard they try to hide it from the media, their frustration with the organization can be immediately seen. That’s why many people are speculating James will leave come 2018 when he becomes a free agent. Rumours are, James is going to take his talents to Los Angeles where he’ll become a Laker. With the recent signing of Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, whom James shares an agent with, the odds he’ll sign up for the said Western team have gone up.  When that happens, you can expect Irving to leave too, either in a trade or when he becomes a free agent as well. Irving may have seen the possibilities of James-less Cavalier team and his frustrations can lead to his own departure.

It remains to be seen what Cleveland will do to ensure the Cavaliers will remain in the hunt for a title. A new season is just a couple of months away and anything can happen. But if nothing is added in the months to come, you can expect changes to occur for James and the Cavaliers in 2018.


Awesome Highlights from the First Episode of Game of Thrones’ 7th Season

Are you one of the millions who waited more than a year for the new episode of Game of Thrones? Well, kudos to you mate because there’s a brand new season and this episode is definitely just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s take a look at all the interesting things that happened during this episode.

First off, we get Jon Snow doing his thing as King of the North and preparing for the coming onslaught of the White Walkers. Jon is doing pretty well with the king stuff but lo and behold, here’s Sansa Stark trying to undermine him with his decisions. It’s like he needs more leadership lessons after managing The Night’s Watch and winning a war against Ramsay Bolton huh? Well, that part ends with Jon planting his foot firmly on the traitorous Houses of the North without following Sansa’s violent and bloody suggestion.

And speaking of The Night’s Watch, we also get Samwell Tarly and his new life in The Citadel. During the last season, Samwell decided to become a master in order to find out what these White Walkers tick and how to make them bite the dust. The thing is, Samwell had no idea he’ll start at the very bottom in his quest to become a full-pledged master. Instead of searching for vital information that can win the war, Samwell is regarded as an emergency plumber and are task to clean bathrooms, dirty food bowls, and assist in lobotomizing dead bodies. Maybe Samwell would have an easier time if Westeros had a modern plumbing system to keep everything orderly and neat, eh?

We also get a glimpse of Cersei Lannister’s plan to defeat her enemies in Westeros, which includes almost every kingdom. Of course, there’s the exception of Euron Greyjoy and the Iron Islands. Euron, who’s really trying his very best to win Cersei but fails, promises to gain her trust by delivering a most precious gift to her. What that gift is, we’ll eventually find out in future episodes.  Plus, you’ll also appreciate the banter between Jaime Lannister and Euron. Who knew that a conversation between sworn enemies can be so full of wit?

Arya Stark also plays a vital part in this first episode. At the start, she can be seen disguising herself as Walder Frey and poisoning every Frey of the Twins as retribution for the Red Wedding. The next time she pops up, she seen hanging out with Lannister soldiers with a pretty popular musician making a cameo – Ed Sheeran! Heck, he even sang a song and ate rabbit with Arya on the show.

In another part of the episode, The Hound can now be seen hanging out with Beric Dondarrion and his outlaws. They make shelter inside an abandoned house while staring at flames and stuff. The highlight here folks is how The Hound gets a glimpse of the undead army and the eventual fall of the wall.

Last, but definitely not the least, we see Daenarys Targaryen finally setting foot on Dragonstone after a long journey with her entourage consisting of Tyrion and Varys, among others. We are treated with the last Targaryen dramatically entering the castle and observing a huge map of the continent she’s planning to conquer. At the end of the episode, Daenarys says “Shall we begin?” to Tryion, signalling the start of her conquest campaign.

Now, these are just some of the first episode’s highlights. In a way, we’re just at the tip of the iceberg folks. Do remember to share with us your favourite part of the first episode of Game of Thrones’ seventh season in the comments below.