What Happened to Ed Sheeran After His Game of Thrones’ Cameo

Without a doubt, Ed Sheeran is one of the biggest names in the entire planet. You might have heard one of his songs and there’s a big chance it stuck to your head for a pretty long time. Meanwhile, we’re sure you’re not living under a rock these past few days. The first episode of Game of Thrones’ 7th season just aired and it smashed all viewer ratings all over the planet. Around 16 million folks tuned in, one way or another, to see how the war in Westeros is going. Also, in that first episode is a cameo by Sheeran and it’s causing a major storm in Social Media lately.

In the Season 7’s first episode, Arya Stark finds a group of Lannister soldiers who are taking a break on their way to the Riverlands. As she approaches the group, Sheeran can be heard singing this totally rad song to his fellow troops. Arya disembarks from her horse, talks to the soldiers, and joins them for a meal. There was some exchange on where they’re headed and what exactly is Arya doing in a war-ravaged land. The whole time, Sheeran was just sitting beside Arya, grinning and all. After Arya says she’s going to kill the Queen, everyone laughs and the scene ends.

After the Game of Thrones episode was shown, people from all over social media went gaga over Sheeran’s short cameo. The thing is, a huge chunk of those people are holding pitchforks to criticize and condemn Sheeran. Their criticism of Sheeran revolves around the fact that his cameo was a shameless publicity stunt to propel ratings due to little effort to disguise the singer. This is in stark contrast to the cameos of Will Champion, drummer of Coldplay, and Snow Patrol frontman Gary Lightbody where they were heavily disguised.

This week, Sheeran deleted his Twitter account. A normal person might think this development is caused by his cameo but according to the singer himself, he deleted his Twitter account because it was his plan for a long time now. Sheeran added he has been receiving a lot of hate on his Twitter account and it would be best to leave the social media platform. And get this folks. He said this announcement on Instagram, which he has no plans of leaving, while posting a photo of him and his manager. Sheeran also said his cameo in Game of Thrones was awesome and he has no reason to worry about what other people are thinking about him.

People are also wondering if this is the last we’ll see of Sheeran wearing a Lannister Army outfit. It remains to be seen because there have been rumours he’ll appear again in the future. Of course, don’t count on that rumour to come to life because you might be sorely disappointed folks. But the thought of Sheeran getting impaled by a broad sword or burning in Dragon flame is a sight that many people would love to watch.