Why It Sucks To Be the Human Torch

In our world today, ask anyone what impossible wish they want fulfilled and some of them would answer super powers. It makes a lot of sense, though. With amazing abilities, one can just fly over traffic and get home as fast as possible. You can also lift a lot of heavy things when the need arises or read the minds of those closest to you. Having powers is really awesome but sometimes, having them sucks too. Take Johnny Storm, or more popularly known as the Human Torch from Marvel’s Fantastic Four, for example. Sure, having control over fire is amazing but here are some reasons why it can also mean trouble for you.


You Can’t Wear Normal Clothes

First of all, Johnny Storm’s power enables him to fly and project streams of flame in any way he wants. He can also set his whole body on fire without causing him any harm. So, it’s safe to say his body is safe from any form of fire. The question is, are his clothes impervious to flame? Well, the answer is no. Reed Richards, or Mr. Fantastic, has to create customized clothing made of unstable molecules that can withstand Johnny’s powers. This means his entire wardrobe is made from this material and it sure is costly folks. If he does wear normal clothes, which the rest of the human race does, there’s a chance he may flame on accidentally and be naked afterwards.


You Can’t Cool Off

Staying cool may be a problem for the Human Torch. This is because his biology has been altered by cosmic radiation and is made of stuff that can ignite. That means, Johnny may have a hard time feeling cool. If you had his powers, you may need several quality air conditioners to even prevent sweat from pestering you. Heck, you might even transfer your residence to the North Pole so you’d feel more comfortable. Problem is, you’d be all alone there or you might melt the polar ice caps without you noticing it and placing the entire human race in danger.


You’re a Constant Fire Hazard

Since you can generate flame anytime you want, it’s safe to say you are a walking fire hazard by all definitions. Again, you’ll never know when you’re going to lose control with this power. When that happens, anything that can easily spread fire around your will endanger people. These things include, gas tanks, curtains, a cabinet full of liquor, or any fabric for that matter. There are a lot more items that you can’t go near if you have the ability to create fire so you have to be extra cautious. That can be a real bummer, especially if you just want to go to the mall and wind down.

Having powers can be a double-edged sword, especially if your abilities resemble those of the Human Torch. But hey, look at the bright side folks. You get to do a lot of awe-inspiring things if you do have flame powers. That beats sitting in a classroom or behind an office desk all day.