Where Are The Cleveland Cavaliers Going and What Are They Doing This Off Season?

Losing sucks. Just ask the Cleveland Cavaliers during the last season of the National Basketball Association. After a championship series against the Golden State Warriors, the Cavaliers are in a state of limbo no team wants to be in. They have a wide array of talent, starting with Lebron James himself and can go toe to toe with any team in the league. Meanwhile, they’re not bad enough to land assets in the draft nor do they have a lot of cap space to sign major stars without letting some of their players go.

The Current NBA Offseason

The offseason is a good time for every team in the NBA to get the players they want and need. It’s a period when speculations run wild and players are shipped from one organization to another in just a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, the Cleveland Cavaliers are failing in their offseason chores. In comparison to other active teams, they just got Jose Calderon and Jeff Green as their new additions so far. It’s quite safe to safe these two players, along with their current line up, will not be enough to even dent the mighty armour of Golden State. Heck, all they need to do is unleash Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry and Cleveland won’t even stand a chance of winning.

Griffin’s Departure

If you think about it, Cleveland’s lacklustre off-season can be attributed to the firing of its general manager, David Griffin. Griffin, if you can remember, made all the necessary player deals to create a competitive team for James’ return to his hometown and the Cavaliers’ championship runs. Griffin made sure every need was answered so James and the Cavaliers can win their first ever NBA Championship. But alas, with the departure of Griffin, Cleveland is at a loss these recent weeks. While other teams were signing bonafide superstars, Cleveland was left to deal with the scraps. Heck, they were even in the running to land Paul George but the deal evaporated when Griffin was suddenly let go from his own contract.

Due to the uncertainty, Cleveland’s two biggest stars, James and Kyrie Irving, are seething with frustration. No matter how hard they try to hide it from the media, their frustration with the organization can be immediately seen. That’s why many people are speculating James will leave come 2018 when he becomes a free agent. Rumours are, James is going to take his talents to Los Angeles where he’ll become a Laker. With the recent signing of Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, whom James shares an agent with, the odds he’ll sign up for the said Western team have gone up.  When that happens, you can expect Irving to leave too, either in a trade or when he becomes a free agent as well. Irving may have seen the possibilities of James-less Cavalier team and his frustrations can lead to his own departure.

It remains to be seen what Cleveland will do to ensure the Cavaliers will remain in the hunt for a title. A new season is just a couple of months away and anything can happen. But if nothing is added in the months to come, you can expect changes to occur for James and the Cavaliers in 2018.