Why Spiderman: Homecoming is The Best Spiderman Movie Ever

Have you seen Spiderman: Homecoming in a theatre near you? We can imagine that after stepping out of the cinemas, you were struck with so much awe. The web-slinger’s inclusion to the ever-growing Marvel Cinematic Universe provided a much larger environment where the said character can thrive upon. In stark contrast to the Spiderman movies featuring Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, Tom Holland’s first feature film is filled with so much action without sacrificing any ounce of heart. You don’t believe us? Well, here are some of the many reasons why this Spiderman film is the best there ever has been.

To start with, the entire script, execution, and characterization revolve around Peter Parker finding his way as he begins an unconventional career choice. And this isn’t just any ordinary career folks. His is a calling to serve the common good with the use of his amazing powers without sacrificing any moral standard. Now, add the struggle of keeping a secret identity, passing high school, and falling head in love with a girl. An ordinary boy would lose balance and stumble along this path. But not Peter Parker folks and Tom Holland nailed his character very well.

The other great reason to watch Spiderman: Homecoming is Michael Keaton. Although Adrian Toomes doesn’t have a lot of details to his story or a grand plan to his name, Keaton’s performance is grounded well for anyone to relate to. The former Batman actor manages to blend in a perfect mix of humanity, intimidation, and motivation to convince moviegoers his character is justified in his actions. The twist during the movies final act serves as testament to Keaton’s thespic ability to induce fear without going overboard.

And gosh, the action scenes really maximized the abilities of our actors down to their last strand. There were a lot of scenes where Keaton and Holland’s characters fought it out while vehicles are transporting valuable alien wreckage and technological marvels. The last act even had a plane that becomes invisible to move Tony Stark’s technology to a new location. That’s very different from the ordinary moving services you’re used to folks because Iron Man’s stuff can’t be fitted inside a conventional truck, wouldn’t it? Well, the transportation of these items acts as a make or break scene for both Toomes and Spiderman in their personal quest to overcome their respective challenges. And boy, oh boy, the action in these final scenes will hang you to the edge of your seats.

There were other surprises too in this film. One of which is Robert Downey Jr. and his appearance as Tony Stark. As always, Downey’s performance is spot on as he becomes the mentor for Parker. His presence signifies an expansive relationship between Spiderman and a universe filled with so many story-telling possibilities. It can’t get any better than that folks.

Don’t take our word for Spiderman: Homecoming if you haven’t seen it yet. Just prepared to be dazzled by the story, awesome performances by the whole cast, and tight action scenes all throughout the movie. Don’t leave right away too because there are two end-credits that are waiting for you as well. You might also want to read our impression about Game of Thrones, Season 7, Episode 1.

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